A circular solution for your plastic waste

Plastic waste is an costly affair for both companys and the planet. We offer a profitable & sustainable solution for both, by being experts in optimizing and utilizing the pyrolysis process. We test, research and calculate diffent waste combinations and fractions.

Clenflex can offer you pyrolysis plants, fittet specifically to your needs and waste.


Our plats are made from robust materials, which can withhold to process your garbage.


It is profitable to dispose of your plastic waste with chemical recycling.


Our plants are scaleable and can be delivered according to your needs.

Give your waste new life

The plastic waste which our plants typically can recycle, is amongst other sorts, plastic from households. Our plants transforms this waste into pyrolysisoil. Our partners then raffine the pyrolysisoil to new chemicals like e.g. Naphtha. Naphtha is used in the production of new plastics, which then makes your waste circular.

The Plastic Problem

Even though plastic is such a useful material, the world is drowning in it. We are advocates of minimizing the production and consumption of plastic as much as possible. Nonetheless there will always be circumstances, where there is no sensible alternative to using plastic.

We focus on the waste which no longer can be recycled mechanically. Mechanic recirculation of plastic waste has an indisputable value, but it cant deal with the issue by it self. The chemical process also enables the pyrolysisoil to be raffined into new products.

This is why chemical recirculation is a good addition, so that both technologogies can tackle the amounts of plastic waste together.


The pre-treatment of waste is an essential element in our plants.


The treated plastic is chemically being transformed in our pyrolysis reactor.


Oil from the pyrolysisprocess is of ULSD quality and is being collected in our collectiontank.